GEPRC M10Q Series GPS Module with Compass



  1. Elevate your drone’s performance with the GEPRC M1025Q Series GPS Module with Compass.
  2. Achieve unparalleled accuracy and rapid satellite acquisition for precise aerial endeavors.

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GEPRC M10Q Series GPS Module Specifications and Features:


Elevate Your Drone Navigation with the GEPRC M10 Series GPS Module (with Compass/Magnetometer)


Welcome to a new era of drone navigation with the GEPRC M10 Series GPS Module. If you’re a drone enthusiast or a professional pilot seeking to maximize the potential of your drone, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the world of the GEPRC M10 Series GPS Module, revealing how this cutting-edge technology can revolutionize your drone’s performance.

Unveiling the GEPRC M10 Series GPS Module

What is the GEPRC M10 Series GPS Module?

The GEPRC M10 Series GPS Module is the pinnacle of GPS technology specially designed for drones. It sets new standards for precision and reliability, ensuring that your drone always knows its exact location. This module is a game-changer for both recreational users and professionals, providing features that elevate your drone experience to new heights.

GEPRC M10 Series GPS Key Features

1. Unparalleled Accuracy

One of the standout features of the M10 Series GPS Module is its exceptional accuracy. With an astonishingly low margin of error, measured in centimeters, you can trust this module to keep your drone on a precise course. Whether you’re capturing stunning aerial footage or conducting precise surveying missions, this level of accuracy is indispensable.

2. Swift Satellite Acquisition

Time is of the essence when you’re flying your drone, and the M10 Series GPS Module understands that. Thanks to its advanced satellite acquisition technology, this module rapidly locks onto satellites, significantly reducing the time your drone spends searching for a stable GPS signal. You can take off quickly and confidently, knowing your drone is ready to perform.

3. Robust Signal Integrity

In challenging environments with interference and obstructions, the M10 Series GPS Module shines. Its advanced signal processing capabilities ensure robust signal integrity, allowing your drone to maintain a stable connection to the GPS network. No matter where your drone takes you, you can count on this module to provide reliable positioning data.

GEPRC M10 Series GPS Applications

The GEPRC M10 Series GPS Module opens up a world of possibilities for drone enthusiasts and professionals alike. Here are some of the exciting applications:

1. Aerial Photography and Videography

Capture breathtaking aerial shots with unmatched precision. The module’s accuracy ensures that every frame is perfectly framed, making your photography and videography stand out.

2. Mapping and Surveying

For professionals in industries like agriculture, construction, and land surveying, the M10 Series GPS Module is a game-changer. It allows you to create detailed maps and conduct surveys with a level of accuracy that was previously unattainable.

3. Search and Rescue

In critical situations where every second counts, this module can make all the difference. Its rapid satellite acquisition and accuracy are invaluable for search and rescue missions.

GEPRC M10 Series GPSConclusion

The GEPRC M10 Series GPS Module is not just a piece of technology; it’s a gateway to unlocking your drone’s full potential. With its exceptional accuracy, rapid satellite acquisition, and robust signal integrity, you can confidently explore new horizons and achieve remarkable results in your drone endeavors. Elevate your drone navigation to the next level with the GEPRC M10 Series GPS Module, and experience the future of precision in the sky.


GEPRC M10 Series GPSSummary

The GEPRC GPS series product line has been fully upgraded. The GEP-M1025 series of GPS products based on u-blox M10050 chip and using a 25*25mm antenna are now launched.

The GEP-M1025 series GPS positioning module uses u-blox’s M10 chip solution and supports GPS+BDS+Galileo+QZSS+SBAS joint positioning, up to 32 satellites. 25*25mm ceramic antenna provides better reception capabilities. Built-in Flash chip and Farad capacitor can save configuration parameters and quickly hot start.

Optional QMC5883L/IST8310 magnetometer and DPS310/MS5611 barometer. A variety of matching solutions provide accurate azimuth pointing and sensitive altitude change data. It can meet the needs of most FPV quadcopters, multi-rotor, fixed-wing, and other model products.


  1. u-blox M10 series chip
  2. GPS+BDS+Galileo+QZSS+SBAS joint positioning
  3. Fast positioning speed, Up to 32 satellites
  4. Stable connection quality
  5. 25*25mm antenna size, better signal-receiving performance
  6. Built-in Flash chip and Farad capacitor
  7. Onboard indicator light, easy to use
  8. Optional integrated magnetometer+barometer, more collocation scheme


1 x GPS module

1 x terminal wire

1 x GPS module instruction manual

1 x GEPRC sticker

1 x heat shrink tubing


GEPRC M10 Series GPSGEPRC M10 Series GPSGEPRC M10 Series GPS



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