T-Motor Cine 55A BLHeli_32 3-8S 8-In-1 ESC – 30X30



  • Elevate your aerial cinematography to new heights with the T-Motor Cine 55A BLHeli_32 3-8S 8-in-1 ESC, delivering unmatched power and precision.
  • Experience seamless integration and optimal performance with the T-Motor ecosystem, designed to work in perfect harmony with T-Motor motors and propellers.
  • Engineered with advanced BLHeli_32 firmware, this ESC offers enhanced responsiveness, improved flight stability, and compatibility with various flight controllers.
  • Stay confident during demanding flight scenarios with intelligent thermal protection, preventing overheating and ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Say goodbye to complicated wiring and hello to space optimization, thanks to the 8-in-1 ESC design that simplifies installation and improves airflow within your drone’s frame.

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T-Motor Cine 55A BLHeli_32 3-8S 8-In-1 ESC – 30X30 Features and Specifications:

At The FPV Project, we take great pride in providing high-quality components and equipment for the drone community. On this note, we are thrilled to introduce the T-Motor Cine 55A BLHeli_32 3-8S 8-in-1 ESC, a cutting-edge electronic speed controller designed to revolutionize cinematic drone flights. Packed with power, precision, and advanced features, this ESC offers unparalleled performance for professional aerial cinematography. Join us as we delve into the remarkable capabilities of the T-Motor Cine 55A ESC and discover how it can enhance your drone’s performance.

T-Motor Cine 55A Unmatched Power and Efficiency

The T-Motor Cine 55A ESC is engineered to deliver exceptional power and efficiency, ensuring your drone performs at its peak. With a current rating of 55A and compatibility with 3-8S LiPo batteries, this ESC offers an impressive power output that enables smooth and precise maneuvers even in demanding flight scenarios. Whether you’re capturing breathtaking aerial footage or executing intricate flight maneuvers, the T-Motor Cine 55A ESC empowers you with the confidence to push the boundaries of your cinematic creations.

T-Motor Cine 55A Advanced BLHeli_32 Firmware

Equipped with the industry-leading BLHeli_32 firmware, the T-Motor Cine 55A ESC brings a host of advanced features to the table. The firmware’s state-of-the-art algorithms optimize motor control, resulting in enhanced responsiveness and improved flight stability. Additionally, the ESC supports a wide range of protocols, including DShot 150/300/600, ensuring compatibility with various flight controllers and providing a seamless integration process for your drone build.

T-Motor Cine 55A Intelligent Thermal Protection

To safeguard your investment and ensure prolonged durability, the T-Motor Cine 55A ESC incorporates intelligent thermal protection mechanisms. The ESC’s built-in temperature sensors constantly monitor the heat generated during operation. In case of excessive heat buildup, the ESC automatically reduces power output, preventing overheating and potential damage to both the ESC and connected components. This intelligent thermal protection feature gives you peace of mind, knowing that your equipment is well-protected and can withstand prolonged, demanding flight sessions.

Simplified Wiring and Space Optimization

The T-Motor Cine 55A ESC is designed with practicality in mind, offering simplified wiring and space optimization capabilities. The 8-in-1 ESC design reduces the number of individual ESC units required, streamlining the wiring process and minimizing clutter within your drone’s frame. This efficient design not only saves valuable time during the build process but also contributes to improved airflow, keeping your drone’s components cool and ensuring optimal performance.


T-Motor Cine 55A

T-Motor Cine 55A

T-Motor Cine 55A

T-Motor Cine 55A

Alright, let’s dive into the world of PID loop frequencies! 🏊‍♂️🌊

So, imagine you’re playing a really immersive video game. 🎮 You press a button on your controller, and your character responds instantly on the screen, right? Now imagine if there was a delay between your button press and the character’s action. That would be a bummer, wouldn’t it? 😕

Well, in the world of drones, we have a similar situation. The drone’s flight controller is constantly making adjustments to keep the drone flying smoothly. This happens through something called the PID loop, which stands for the Proportional, Integral, and Derivative loop. 🔄🚁

The PID loop is like the brain of the drone. It takes information from the sensors, decides how the drone should respond, and then sends commands to the motors. This entire process happens repeatedly and at a very fast pace. The frequency at which this process repeats is known as the PID loop frequency. It’s like the frame rate in a video game – the higher the frame rate, the smoother the game looks. 🧠🔄

Now, when we talk about 2K, 4K, and 8K PID loop frequencies, we’re talking about how many times per second this process happens. So, 2K means the PID loop runs 2000 times per second, 4K means it runs 4000 times per second, and 8K means it runs 8000 times per second. It’s like choosing between running, cycling, or driving – each one is faster than the last! 🏃‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏎️

So, you might be thinking, “Well, obviously 8K is the best because it’s the fastest, right?” Not necessarily! Just like driving a car super fast isn’t always the best option (you could get a ticket or crash 😱), running your PID loop at super high frequencies isn’t always the best choice.

For one, it can make your flight controller work harder, which can lead to overheating. It can also make your ESC protocol more prone to errors, kind of like how a fast internet connection can sometimes be unstable. 🌡️🔥

So, it’s all about finding the right balance. Just like how you wouldn’t use a race car to go to the grocery store, you wouldn’t necessarily use an 8K PID loop frequency for a casual drone flight. It all depends on what you’re using your drone for. 🚁😉

I hope this helps to understand what PID loop frequencies are all about! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Happy droning! 🚁🎮🌤️

Read More About Lipo Batteries by clicking the link below:

Checkout our Frames Collection by clicking the link below:

1S = 1 cell  = 3.7V
2S = 2 cells = 7.4V
3S = 3 cells = 11.1V
4S = 4 cells = 14.8V
5S = 5 cells = 18.5V
6S = 6 cells = 22.2V

For example, we call a 14.8V battery a “4-cell” or “4S” battery.

LiPo battery is designed to operate within a safe voltage range, from 3V to 4.2V. Discharging below 3V could cause irreversible performance loss and even damage to the battery. Overcharging above 4.2V could be dangerous and eventually cause a fire.

However, it’s advisable to stop discharging when it reaches 3.5V for battery health reasons. For example for a 3S Lipo, the max voltage is 12.6V, and you should land when the voltage reaches 10.5V (at 3.5V per cell).

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Dimensions 18 × 10 × 10 cm


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