T-Motor Velox V2 V45A 3-6S BLHeli_32 4-in-1 ESC



  • The T-Motor Velox V45A 3-6S BLHeli-32 4-in-1 ESC V2 is a high-performance electronic speed controller designed for FPV drone enthusiasts.
  • With its powerful performance and wide voltage range of 3-6S, this ESC offers flexibility and adaptability to suit various drone setups.
  • Experience ultra-smooth motor operation and precise control, thanks to the advanced BLHeli-32 firmware integrated into the Velox V45A ESC V2.
  • Featuring DShot1200 support, this ESC ensures lightning-fast response times, maximizing your drone’s agility and maneuverability.
  • Built with durability in mind, the Velox V45A boasts a robust design and high-quality components, providing reliability even under demanding flight conditions.



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T-Motor Velox V2 V45A 3-6S BLHeli_32 4-in-1 ESC Features and Specifications:



Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the T-Motor Velox V45A 3-6S BLHeli-32 4-in-1 ESC V2. At The FPV Project, we pride ourselves on providing in-depth and valuable information to help you make informed decisions. In this article, we delve into the features, specifications, and performance of the T-Motor Velox V45A ESC V2. Whether you’re a seasoned FPV enthusiast or a beginner looking to enhance your drone’s capabilities, this article is your ultimate resource.

Unveiling the T-Motor Velox V45A ESC V2

Powerful Performance

The T-Motor Velox V45A ESC V2 is engineered to deliver unparalleled power and efficiency for your drone. With a voltage range of 3-6S, this ESC can handle a wide variety of drone setups, providing you with flexibility and versatility. Whether you prefer a more conservative 3S setup or crave the adrenaline rush of a 6S configuration, the Velox V45A is ready to meet your demands.

BLHeli-32 Firmware

Equipped with cutting-edge BLHeli-32 firmware, the Velox V45A ESC V2 takes your drone’s performance to the next level. This advanced firmware brings a host of benefits, including improved response times, smoother throttle control, and enhanced motor efficiency. You can expect precise and reliable control, allowing you to execute intricate maneuvers with ease.

Ultra-Smooth Operation

With the Velox V45A ESC V2, you’ll experience buttery-smooth motor operation, thanks to its high-resolution PWM control. This feature enables fine-grained motor control, minimizing vibrations and ensuring a stable flight experience. Whether you’re performing acrobatic tricks or capturing smooth aerial footage, the Velox V45A will impress with its outstanding performance.

DShot1200 Support

The T-Motor Velox V45A ESC V2 supports the DShot1200 protocol, a high-speed digital communication protocol between the flight controller and ESC. This protocol eliminates the signal degradation and timing issues commonly found in analog connections, resulting in faster and more accurate data transmission. By harnessing the power of DShot1200, the Velox V45A provides lightning-fast response times, maximizing your drone’s agility and control.

Robust Build Quality

Durability is a key factor when choosing an ESC, and the Velox V45A doesn’t disappoint. Its robust construction ensures reliability even under demanding conditions. The ESC features high-quality components and a well-engineered design, safeguarding it against overheating and electrical damage. This reliability gives you peace of mind, knowing that your drone’s ESC can withstand the rigors of intense flights.

Installation and Configuration

Installing and configuring the T-Motor Velox V45A ESC V2 is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Prepare your drone for the ESC installation by carefully removing any existing ESCs and disconnecting the power source.
  2. Mount the Velox V45A in a secure location within your drone’s frame, ensuring proper airflow for cooling.
  3. Connect the motor wires to the ESC following the designated motor order, typically labeled on the ESC.
  4. Connect the signal wire of the ESC to the flight controller’s motor output pin, ensuring a solid connection.
  5. Power up your drone and access the BLHeli Suite software to configure and fine-tune the ESC settings. Adjust parameters such as motor timing, throttle calibration, and motor direction to optimize performance.

About this product

The V45A 4-in-1 ESC V2 by T-Motor is inspired by the VELOX V2207 and V2306 Motors! The V45A V2 MOS has been upgraded with a 15% performance increase to fly in confidence even during high-current spikes.

The brand-new cooling fin design makes heat dissipation more efficient and guarantees stable power output. Spacious motor pads make over-current ability stronger and welding easier.

This ESC comes with an integrated 10V/2a BEC, great for providing power for the DJI Air Unit or other FPV equipment.


  • Model: V45A V2
  • Current: 45A
  • Peak Current: 55A (10s)
  • BEC: 10V/2A
  • Lipo: 3-6S
  • Weight: 21g
  • Size 44.6x41x7mm
  • Mounting Hole: 30.5×30.5mm, M3
  • Parameter: BLHeliSuite32
  • ESC Firmware: Tmotor_32Bit
  • Application: 170-450 Drones


  • 1 x T-Motor V45A 3-6S BLHeli_32 4-in-1 ESC V2
  • 1x Capacitor
  • 1x XT60 Pigtail
  • 1x 10p Wiring Harness

Read More About Lipo Batteries by clicking the link below:

Checkout our Frames Collection by clicking the link below:

1S = 1 cell  = 3.7V
2S = 2 cells = 7.4V
3S = 3 cells = 11.1V
4S = 4 cells = 14.8V
5S = 5 cells = 18.5V
6S = 6 cells = 22.2V

For example, we call a 14.8V battery a “4-cell” or “4S” battery.

LiPo battery is designed to operate within a safe voltage range, from 3V to 4.2V. Discharging below 3V could cause irreversible performance loss and even damage to the battery. Overcharging above 4.2V could be dangerous and eventually cause a fire.

However, it’s advisable to stop discharging when it reaches 3.5V for battery health reasons. For example for a 3S Lipo, the max voltage is 12.6V, and you should land when the voltage reaches 10.5V (at 3.5V per cell).

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 10 cm


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