• the HGLRC Specter 2806-5 1350KV Brushless Motor is the embodiment of innovation and performance in the world of drone propulsion.
  • Its exceptional thrust, precision engineering, noise reduction technology, and ease of installation make it the ultimate choice for drone enthusiasts seeking unparalleled aerial adventures.
  • Designed for 7” drones, it offers maximum power output, low noise, and vibration for a smoother flying experience.
  • Get yours today and take your drone to new heights!

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HGLRC SPECTER 2806.5 1350KV (Set of 4 Motors) Description:


HGLRC SPECTER 2806.5 1350KV Brushless Motor: Unveiling the Ultimate Powerhouse:

HGLRC SPECTER 2806.5 1350KV welcomes you to the pinnacle of drone propulsion technology! At HGLRC, they are proud to introduce the game-changing HGLRC SPECTER 2806.5 1350KV  Brushless Motor. Designed to elevate your aerial experience to new heights, this motor is meticulously crafted with cutting-edge features that set it apart from the competition. In this comprehensive article, we delve deep into the astounding capabilities and intricate design of the HGLRC Specter 2806-5, revealing why it is the perfect choice for beginners and seasoned drone enthusiasts.

Unmatched Performance for Thrilling Flights

Unleash the full potential of your drone with the HGLRC SPECTER 2806.5 1350KV  remarkable performance. With its 1350KV brushless motor, this powerhouse delivers an incredible thrust-to-weight ratio, ensuring that your drone can soar through the skies with unrivaled speed and agility. Whether you’re a racing aficionado seeking adrenaline-pumping moments or an aerial photographer capturing breathtaking landscapes, this motor’s exceptional performance is bound to leave you awestruck.

Precision Engineering: The Heart of the Specter 2806-5

Behind every exceptional motor lies precision engineering, and the HGLRC Specter 2806-5 is no exception. Its advanced construction incorporates high-quality materials that enhance both durability and efficiency. The motor’s stator is intricately wound with precision, optimizing its electromagnetic capabilities for maximum power output. This translates to reduced energy loss, improved heat dissipation, and prolonged motor life. Say goodbye to overheating issues that can hinder your drone’s performance!

Silent Power: Cutting-Edge Noise Reduction

Droning should be an immersive experience that doesn’t disrupt the tranquility of the surroundings. HGLRC recognizes this need and has integrated innovative noise reduction technology into the Specter 2806-5. The motor’s design minimizes vibrations and harmonics, resulting in a remarkably quiet operation. Now you can fly confidently, knowing that your drone’s powerful performance won’t disturb the peace.

Effortless Installation and Compatibility

We understand that convenience matters. The HGLRC Specter 2806-5 is designed for effortless installation, fitting seamlessly into a wide range of drone models. Its standardized mounting pattern ensures compatibility with various frames, making upgrading your existing drone a hassle-free process. The motor comes with detailed instructions, simplifying the setup even for those new to the world of drones.


1. Brand new rotor appearance design, an anodized two-color process
2. 7075 aviation aluminum material, high-strength one-piece rotor
3. Customized N52H curved magnetic steel, strong magnetism, high torque
4. Super high temperature resistant 200° copper wire winding, the motor runs more stably
5. Imported Kawasaki silicon steel sheets, low loss stator, reduce heat generation and improve efficiency
6. New and optimized tuning, maintain high torque at low speed, linear power output when the throttle changes rapidly, and precise and fast response when turning
7. Alloy Steel Outlet Shaft, high strength and reduce the weight of the fuselage
8. Suitable for 7 inch long-range drone or 7-inch X8 Cinelifter FPV Drone


Motor: 1350KV
Slot pole: 12N14P
Maximum continuous current: 40A (5s)
Maximum power: 960W
Input voltage: 14.8-25.2V (4-6S)
ESC:> 45A
Recommended propeller: 6-7 inches
Motor size: Φ34.53mx 19.4mm
Mounting hole: 4*M3-∅19
Weight: 51.9g (including wire)


Packing List:

2806.5 1350KV motor x 1
M3x8mm screws x 5
M5 nut x 1



  1. Front Bell: The front bell secures the stator and plays a crucial role in the motor’s structural integrity.
  2. Stator: The stator houses the windings and magnets, generating electromagnetic force when power is supplied.
  3. Bearings: High-quality bearings ensure smooth rotation, reducing friction and heat generation.
  4. Magnets: Permanent magnets on the rotor interact with the stator’s windings, creating rotational motion.


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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 10 cm
KV Rating

1700 KV, 2450 KV


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