GEPRC SPEEDX2 1804 2450KV Motor



  • The HGLRC Specter 1804 2450KV Motor isn’t just a motor – it’s a testament to innovation, power, and efficiency.
  • With its advanced design, remarkable thrust, and unrivaled durability, it stands as the ultimate choice for drone enthusiasts seeking to dominate the skies.

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GEPRC SPEEDX2 1804 2450KV Motor (Set of 4 Motors) Description:

SPEEDX2 1804

SPEEDX2 1804 Summary

SPEEDX2 1804, the 2nd generation of brushless motor. SPEEDX2 1804 motor is a highly innovative brushless motor with a new structure and unique design.

The overall lightweight structure greatly reduces the weight, only 13.2g (13CM wire). Circular arc appearance design, application to the pusher FPV drones, high compatibility. Avoid unbalanced propellers due to the contact between the large pitch propellers and the top of the rotor. A large area of hollowing out to reduce weight, so as to obtain good heat dissipation and efficiency, and effectively control the working temperature of the motor.

Adopt high-quality 7075-T aviation aluminum material, which brings better strength to the rotor. With a highly efficient magnetic circuit design, SPEEDX2 1804 has great handling and stable explosive power, bringing pilots an ultra-smooth flying experience. SPEEDX2 1804 motor is perfect for pilots to build their 3″ whoop FPV, 3-4″Toothpick & Long Range FPV.

GEPRC is committed to providing pilots with brushless motors that are much lighter in weight, faster in response, higher in efficiency, and higher in power.


1. Lightweight design, only 13.g (13CM Wire)

2. High-quality arc magnetic steel, strong magnetic force, and more efficient flight.

3. Optimized magnetic circuit design, large motor torque, strong explosive power, and extremely fast response speed.

4. High-strength motor structure, outstanding durability.

5. Suitable for 3″ whoop FPV, 3-4″ Toothpick & Long Range FPV.

SPEEDX2 1804 Specification

Item: SPEEDX2 1804-2450KV

  • Configuration: 12N14P
  • Magnet: N52H ARC
  • Stator Diameter: 18mm
  • Stator Height: 4mm
  • Shaft Diameter: Φ2mm(in)Φ1.5mm(out)
  • Size: Φ22.74mm*13.2mm
  • Lead Wires: 24#AWG 150mm
  • No. of Cells (LiPo): 4-6S
  • Max Continuous Power(W) (3S): 452.2W
  • Max Current (5S) : 18.8A
  • Mounting Holes: 12mm x 12mm(M2 Screw)
  • Color: Black / Black + Cyan
  • Weight: 13.2 g (13CM Wire)
  • Suitable Quadcopter: 3″ whoop FPV, 3-4″ Toothpick & Long Range FPV


1 x SPEEDX2 1804 Motor

5 x M2*6mm Screw

5 x M2*8mm Screw

SPEEDX2 1804   SPEEDX2 1804 SPEEDX2 1804         

Read More About Lipo Batteries by clicking the link below:

Checkout our Frames Collection by clicking the link below:

1S = 1 cell  = 3.7V
2S = 2 cells = 7.4V
3S = 3 cells = 11.1V
4S = 4 cells = 14.8V
5S = 5 cells = 18.5V
6S = 6 cells = 22.2V

For example, we call a 14.8V battery a “4-cell” or “4S” battery.

LiPo battery is designed to operate within a safe voltage range, from 3V to 4.2V. Discharging below 3V could cause irreversible performance loss and even damage to the battery. Overcharging above 4.2V could be dangerous and eventually cause a fire.

However, it’s advisable to stop discharging when it reaches 3.5V for battery health reasons. For example for a 3S Lipo, the max voltage is 12.6V, and you should land when the voltage reaches 10.5V (at 3.5V per cell).

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 10 cm
KV Rating

1700 KV, 2450 KV


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