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  • AxisFlying’s C135-13035 FPV brushless motor is the key to unlocking unparalleled cinematic drone experiences.
  • With its exceptional thrust, reduced vibrations, durability, and easy integration, this motor is the secret sauce that will set your drone adventures apart.

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Axisflying C135 1303.5 5500KV _ The FPV Project (Set of 4 motors) Description:

Axisflying C135 1303.5 5500KV Unleashing the Power of AxisFlying FPV Brushless Motors for Your Cinematic Drone

Are you a passionate drone enthusiast seeking to elevate your cinematic drone experience to new heights? Look no further! At AxisFlying, we take pride in presenting our cutting-edge FPV brushless motor, the Axisflying C135 1303.5 5500KV, specifically designed for 2-inch cinewhoop and cinematic drones. In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the exceptional features and advantages of our FPV brushless motor that are set to redefine your aerial adventures.

Axisflying C135 1303.5 5500KV Superior Thrust and Efficiency

When it comes to cinematic drones, every ounce of power matters. Our AxisFlying C135-13035 FPV brushless motor boasts remarkable thrust capabilities that deliver an adrenaline-pumping performance. With meticulously engineered internals, this motor offers an exceptional power-to-weight ratio, ensuring your drone achieves unmatched acceleration and agility in the air.

Precision Engineering for Reduced Vibrations

Smooth, stable footage is the hallmark of a cinematic masterpiece. Our FPV brushless motor is engineered with a focus on reducing vibrations to a minimum. This results in significantly improved video quality during your aerial filming sessions. Say goodbye to shaky footage and hello to captivating, cinematic shots that will leave your audience in awe.

Unparalleled Durability for Longevity

Investing in quality equipment is a long-term investment in your drone journey. The AxisFlying C135-13035 FPV brushless motor is crafted using premium-grade materials, making it exceptionally durable even in the face of demanding flights.

Whether you’re navigating through challenging environments or embarking on prolonged shoots, our motor’s reliability ensures you can focus on creating stunning content without worrying about performance hiccups.

Effortless Installation and Integration

We understand the value of your time, which is why our FPV brushless motor is designed for hassle-free installation and seamless integration into your existing setup. The motor’s intuitive design, coupled with detailed instructions, ensures a smooth and efficient installation process. Spend less time tinkering and more time soaring through the skies.

Elevate Your Drone’s Potential

In a realm where precision and performance coalesce, the AxisFlying C135-13035 FPV brushless motor stands as a beacon of innovation.
Elevate your cinematic drone experience by embracing the power, durability, and efficiency that our motor brings to the table.

Unleash your creativity and capture breathtaking shots that defy expectations.

The C series motor features the perfect balance required for your cinematic flights: smoothness, reactivity and high torque for a delicate control feel along high efficiency to maximize your flight time.


– C135 motor is special designed for 2inch cinewhoop and cinematic drone that need more powerful and torque.

– C135 motors run perfect with Gemfan D51-5 and D51-4 props

– 5500KV@4S


– 5500 KV is for 4S

– Configuration: 12N14P / N52H arc magnet

– Motor stator size: 1303.5

– Motor-mounting hole size: 4*M2 (Φ9mm)

– Motor cables: AWG 20#, 150MM

– Motor dimensions (Dia *Len): Φ26.9*288MM

– Motor-weight (including 150MM cables) :

– The motor is very powerful that can get over 0.85KG and most current is about 25A


– 1* C145 motor

– 4* M2*5 screws for motor

– 1* M2*4 screw for lock shaft

– 2* M2*7 screws for lock props

– 1* O-ring

– 1* Washer

Axisflying C135 1303.5 5500KV

Read More About Lipo Batteries by clicking the link below:

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1S = 1 cell  = 3.7V
2S = 2 cells = 7.4V
3S = 3 cells = 11.1V
4S = 4 cells = 14.8V
5S = 5 cells = 18.5V
6S = 6 cells = 22.2V

For example, we call a 14.8V battery a “4-cell” or “4S” battery.

LiPo battery is designed to operate within a safe voltage range, from 3V to 4.2V. Discharging below 3V could cause irreversible performance loss and even damage to the battery. Overcharging above 4.2V could be dangerous and eventually cause a fire.

However, it’s advisable to stop discharging when it reaches 3.5V for battery health reasons. For example for a 3S Lipo, the max voltage is 12.6V, and you should land when the voltage reaches 10.5V (at 3.5V per cell).

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 10 cm
KV Rating

1700 KV, 2450 KV


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